How Can I Help?

Enforcement of the tobacco-free policy will be achieved primarily through education, awareness and a spirit of cooperation. It is likely that some students, faculty, staff and others may still be unaware or uniformed about the specifics of the new policy. As a member of the campus community you play a vital role in supporting the policy, educating students, faculty, staff and visitors, and exemplifying social responsibility.

If you see someone smoking:

Be respectful. Listen and have empathy for their situation.

Be direct and explain the reason behind the policy:"This is an important policy to the university and it is an expectation that everyone adheres to this policy. The Smoke-Free Campus policy is part of the university's commitment to creating a healthy and sustainable environment for all members of our campus community. Even though this is a new policy, it is important for you to understand that violations to university policy are not acceptable. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated."

Example Script #1:

Situation: You see a person smoking on San Diego State University property

Response: "Hello, my name is _______, and I am an (employee, student, faculty) here. I want to make you aware that we are now a Smoke-Free campus … meaning that tobacco products are prohibited on our grounds. We would appreciate if you would not use tobacco products while visiting our campus. Thank you for your cooperation."

Example Script #2:

Situation: You see a person smoking on San Diego State University property.

Response: I wanted to let you know that SDSU is now a tobacco free campus. I know that this is a new policy and as a tobacco user, this must be a significant change for you. If you’re interested in our campus resources for tobacco cessation, a variety of in person or online resources are listed at:

Example Script #3:

Question: "Where am I allowed to smoke?"

Response: "Smoking and other tobacco products are not allowed anywhere on San Diego State University property.

This is a new policy meant to promote a healthier campus environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. If you need to smoke, you will need to leave the campus property. If you are interested in quitting smoking you can call the California Smokers' Helpline at 1-800-NO-BUTTS. This and more cessation information can also be found on the

Example Script #4:

For Vendors and Visitors: "I'd like to let you know in advance that our campus is going to be Smoke-Free. Smoking will not be permitted on any property, grounds, or parking areas. Thank you for respecting our policy."


If these steps are taken and still do not work, complaints can be filed with the Office of Human Resources and/or the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities. Contact Us